We think being a Jack-of-All-Trades is a good thing. We've collected a wide selection of skills and experiences and nothing engages us more than taking on a new challenge!

CCTV and Security Cameras

There are lots of great CCTV (closed circuit television) security camera systems on the market. Some are wired, some are wireless. Modern Man Tech can help you pick the one that fits your needs and budget the best, then use our expertise to install the components. We’ll help you connect those cameras to your TV, a monitor, and even your phone so you can keep a close eye on your most treasured people, places, and things. Want a custom finish on those cameras so they blend into the environment better, we can help with that too! 

Home Theater and Audio Installation

Whether you want a 120″ projection TV and 5.1 surround sound or just need that 32″ TV mounted on the wall, Modern Man Tech can consult with you on the best choices for your space and install it with care. If you want your deck or patio to vibe with your favorite tunes, we can make that dream come true!

Laptop and Desktop Computer Repair

So much of our lives goes through, or is stored on a computer and when that computer decides to stop working it can feel like our world stops working too. We know that feeling and we want to come to your rescue. We’ll take a look at it and lay out your best options so you can make the choice that’s best for you. Cracked screen? Computer doesn’t turn on? Computer turns on but only makes ker-chunking sounds? All that’s just another Tuesday for us, we got you fam!

Home Appliance Repair

Whether it’s one of those newfangled front-loading washers, or the decades old one that’s served multiple generations, when it stops working and you want options, contact Modern Man Tech! We’ll have a look and a listen and let you know if it’s something we can fix. 

Judgement-Free Electronics Education

We weren’t born knowing about electronics and computers, it took a lot of years of learning and trying to get where we are now. So we don’t understand why some folks seem to think everyone should know this stuff already! We are passionate about technology improving people’s lives but it can only do that if those people understand how to use it!! We’ve been patiently and respectfully teaching people about their tech and how to use it for two decades and we’d love a chance to help you too. Whether it’s a digital photo frame your grandkids gave you, or that fancy tablet that could probably run the world (if you could get logged into it), we’ll sit down with you and work together until it all makes sense. Want your kids to learn about computer use or repair? We love teaching kids and are happy to work with folks as young as 8.

Data Recovery

Accidentally delete an important file on your computer? Plug in your external hard drive and now it says “No Files Found”? Maybe you have a hard drive that was in a computer 10 years ago that still has precious pictures of loved ones that you want. We’ll use our expertise and specialized software to recover and save those important pictures, videos, documents, spreadsheets, emails, etc. If the drive is damaged and needs more help than even we can provide, we’ll be honest and tell you that too. 

Simple Website Design

If you’re wanting to make the next Amazon, you’ll need to find one of those expensive places, but if all you need is a simple website, we can do that! Need a page so people can find your small business? Maybe just your own domain to post on a blog occasionally. If what you need is just a page or a few pages, we may provide you with a very approachable option for having your very own website, no coding knowledge needed! Options starting at under $200

Cable Declutter

It feels like for every year we use our electronics the various cables not only multiply but wrap themselves in ever-tighter knots. Are you tired of looking at the ball of cables under your TV? Or maybe your legs can barely fit under your desk because of all those wild computer cables. For less than a crisp Ben Franklin, we’ll come in and: figure out where all those cables are supposed to go, remove the unnecessary ones, and manage the important ones so they look tidier. 

Home Automation

Smart lights, smart outlets, smart thermostats, smart televisions, smart doorbells, smart locks, the list of smart devices is as long as your imagination these days! The ways to make your technological life easier is even longer, but if they aren’t set up properly it could lead to an even bigger frustration. Let us handle the annoying techy set up so you can enjoy the tech, and your life. 

Garden Irrigation Systems

Tired of hauling a watering can or a hose around your garden to water your plants? Want a more Earth-conscious way of watering your tomatoes or roses than a sprinkler? Modern drip irrigation systems not only use less water, but can even be healthier for your plants! We love gardening too and we’d be happy to design an irrigation system that fits your garden (or landscape) and your budget. We can even set it up to turn itself on and off without you having to remember! Think of all the free time you’ll have if you’re no longer standing there with a hose. 


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